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07.29.2015   |   Articles / Publications

Daily Business Review: “A Cuban-American Take on Business Opportunities in Cuba”


In an article published in the Daily Business Review on July 29, 2015, Mario Iglesias discusses how to take advantage of business opportunities in Cuba now that the American flag flies over the new United States Embassy in Havana. Iglesias emphasizes that nothing will change right away. Until the U.S embargo against Cuba is lifted, very limited business opportunities will emerge. In the meantime, it is important for any business owner considering business in Cuba to get to know the culture. When the embargo is lifted, the initial opportunities will be in selling to American tourists visiting Cuba, since they are the ones with disposable incomes. Additionally, Iglesias goes on to say that it is important to tread lightly on politics and accept that Cuba may never be democratic.

Subscribers may read the full article here.

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