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08.9.2017   |   Firm News

Tucker Herndon Featured in StateWays Magazine Article on Should Retailers Fear Amazon’s Whole Foods Purchase

In an article published on August 7, 2017 in StateWays Magazine, Tucker Herndon provides insight to brick-and-mortar alcohol retailers on the Amazon and Whole Foods merger and what to expect for the future. Herndon predicts that Amazon will begin putting emphasis on alcohol distribution: “Now that Amazon has the logistics in place with a system of chain grocery stores in multiple states, I think you will see them move towards the ability to sell and distribute alcohol straight to the consumer.” There is still a legal issue regarding the ability for grocers to sell high-ABV beverages, resulting in lobbying efforts from major players like Amazon and Wal-Mart. “They’ll argue that if retail alcohol stores have the ability to carry high-gravity alcohol, then why shouldn’t grocery stores,” Herndon told the publication. He also urges stores and small business to invest in app technology, but give the responsibility of these tools to senior-level staff. “The cost of technology is significant, but yearly returns become much higher once the product catches on,” Herndon said, reminding businesses it’s crucial to learn how to market their products. Through partnering with Whole Foods, Amazon acquires the foundation to run delivery services much, much quicker in metropolitan markets.

For the full interview, you may click here.

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