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06.21.2019   |   Firm News

“Several Students in College Admissions Scandal Receiving ‘Target Letters,’” Fox News

In an interview aired on Fox News on April 20, 2019, Alex Little discusses the College Admissions Scandal and the tactic behind the use of “target letters.”

Numerous students involved in the recent College Admissions Scandal received “target letters” from federal prosecutors, a seemingly aggressive strategy.

While not typically used in criminal cases, “target letters” are sent by the prosecutors, addressing the potential crime and requesting the individual discusses next steps on how to efficiently handle the matter; and some may speculate this tactic insinuates a weak case.

“It signifies that they are probably worried about going to trial. They don’t want to play this out and get maybe a juror to say, I don’t think this is serious enough for a conviction,” explains Little.

An argument explores the idea that many people make significant donations to universities on a daily basis, so how might these cases differ?

Little emphasizes the importance for the defense to dig for the distinct details of how applicants are evaluated by the universities.

He explains, “If I’m a defense attorney, I am going to go straight for the jugular and I’m getting those universities to tell me everything about the college admissions process.”

You may access the full interview here.

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