Alternative Dispute Resolution

Means of alternative dispute resolution can include arbitration, mediation, or mock trials.

Burr & Forman attorneys are certified arbitrators, serve on the United States District Court Mediation Panel, and serve as mediators for the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE"), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ("FINRA"), and the American Arbitration Association ("AAA").  The experience of our attorneys as arbitrators and mediators is also a valuable resource in representing clients in the alternative dispute process and can save clients significant time and money. 

Of course, a potential question at the outset of any commercial dispute is whether your business would be better off litigating publicly in front of a judge/jury in court or in front of an arbitration panel selected by the parties.  Both public litigation in courts and private arbitrations can have their advantages and disadvantages.  Many commercial contracts specify upfront the method for resolving disputes.   In such cases, Burr attorneys are prepared to assist you in getting a court to compel arbitration or, if the suit is better suited for a court, resisting arbitration.

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Experience Matters

Brief sentence defining representative matters.

  • Breach of Agreement

    Represented international music production and distribution company in proceedings to enforce non-compete agreement against former company president violated by competitive activities and other breaches of agreement and obtain award of damages. Prevailed in arbitration.
  • Mediation

    Mediator for disputes between banks and mortgagees.
  • Breach of Contract

    Represented homeowners in lawsuit filed against builder for breaching construction contract in various ways including failing to complete construction, overcharging, failure to work in accordance with plans and specifications, etc. Monetary award in arbitration obtained.
  • Mediation

    Mediator for dispute between homeowner and homeowner's association.
  • Mediation

    Mediator for partners in partnership dissolution.