Business & Succession Planning

You have worked hard all of your life in order to build a successful closely-held business. Now what?

Burr & Forman assists clients and prospective business clients in planning and implementing business and tax strategies, at all stages of business, including:

Formation/Capital Contribution

  • Does it make sense to form a limited liability company or to incorporate? 
  • How is the company going to be capitalized? Loans from banks or other lenders? Sales of stock or other equity interests? 
  • How does an established company raise more capital? Recapitalizations or sale leaseback transactions? Additional sales of stock or other equity interests?

Sharing of Profits 

  • Do any employees get "sweat equity"? 
  • Are executive and/or equity based compensation arrangements such as bonus and performance based compensation plans appropriate? What about stock option plans? Stock purchase plans?


  • How and when will money be distributed to the owners? 
  • Will any owners receive priority distributions? 


  • Who should be directors or managers of the company? Officers?
  • Are employment agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements or operating agreements appropriate?

Exit Strategy/Succession Planning. 

    If your exit strategy is to transfer your business, what do you need to do to: 
    • Sell your business to your business partner? 
    • Sell your business to a third party? 
    • Transfer the business to employees? 
    • Transfer the business to the next generation?
    • Accomplish some combination of the above?
    When you transfer ownership,
    • Do you retain any control? 
    • Is your family taken care of? 
    • Are there any employee, lender, supplier, and/or customer issues? 

These are just a few of the issues that must be addressed when one approaches the subject of business & succession planning. 

At Burr, we take a team approach to business & succession planning, assigning attorneys from multiple disciplines to a client in order to achieve the most comprehensive and cost-efficient representation possible. Our inter-disciplinary team includes seasoned attorneys practicing in the areas of:

Contact one of our team members or read our Business Succession Blog to learn more about how we can help you with all of your Business Succession Planning needs.

Our Attorneys

Matthew Barnes
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Charlotte Bennett
Associate ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Kathryn Bouchillon
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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Edward Brown
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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Edward Christian
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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David Dowd, III
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Sean Dudley
Associate ~ Mobile, Alabama|
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Joshua Ehrenfeld
Counsel ~ Nashville, Tennessee|
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Deborah Fisher
Retired Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Lauren Foshee
Associate ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Jesse Graham, Jr.
Partner ~ Orlando, Florida|
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Tully Hazell
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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Jefferson Holt
Associate ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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Ingu Hwang
Counsel ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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April Mason
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Warren Matthews
Partner ~ Montgomery, Alabama|
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James McCarten
Partner ~ Nashville, Tennessee|
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William McKenzie
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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C. Read Morton
Counsel ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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C. Read
Norman Orr
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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(205) 224-9453
J. Fred Powell
Retired Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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(205) 244-5697
J. Fred
Marion Quina, Jr.
Counsel ~ Mobile, Alabama|
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Bruce Rawls
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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(205) 244-5700
Anthony Romano
Associate ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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(205) 714-6895
Ty Roofner
Partner ~ Orlando, Florida|
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(407) 650-2730
William Schifino, Sr.
Of Counsel ~ Tampa, Florida|
(813) 367-5745
(813) 357-3526
Jack Stephenson, Jr.
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5201
(205) 244-5708
Joseph Stewart
Retired Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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(205) 244-5710
Allen Sullivan Jr.
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Keith Taylor
Counsel ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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(404) 214-7380
George Taylor, III
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5254
(205) 244-5711
William Thuston
Managing Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5143
(205) 244-5712
Peter Vilmos
Partner ~ Orlando, Florida|
(407) 540-6622
(407) 650-2955
India Vincent
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5284
(205) 244-5714
Erin Ward
Associate ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
(404) 685-4255
(404) 214-7936
Callie Whatley
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5441
(205) 244-5734
Thomas Wood
Partner ~ Mobile, Alabama|
(251) 345-8203
(251) 706-2412

Experience Matters

Brief sentence defining representative matters.

  • General Corporate Representation

    Generally represent privately held businesses in formation, funding, operations and mergers and acquisitions.
  • Purchase of Steel Fabrication Business

    Full representation in connection with negotiation and closing of purchase of a steel fabrication business. Representation included, negotiation of purchase and sale agreement and ancillary documents; conducted due diligence; closed transaction.
  • Purchase Agreement

    Representing an international lead producer of high strength steel as lead counsel in potential purchase of steel fabrication business. Representation includes drafting and negotiating the purchase terms and agreement and reviewing due diligence.
  • Business Acquisition

    Represented the Shottenkirk Automotive Group, West Burlington, Iowa, in the acquisition of the business and operations of Honda of Conyers (Georgia). The acquisition included an asset purchase of dealership assets and inventories and the separate acquisition of buildings and facilities on which the operations were located. Advice included consulting on franchise issues, environmental matters, and employment issues. We also represented the purchaser in connection with the equity structure and debt facilities.
  • Restructure of Real Estate Development Loans

    Limited partners has invested over $50 million in four separate private placements sponsored by our developer client to acquire approximately 8000 acres of unimproved land for development; Lead bank provided credit for development loans of over $50 million for four separate developments with different owners, most of which were in the form of tax-free Improvement District Bonds; handled all acquisition and financing transactions. 2009-to present - Negotiated global settlement with lead bank involving all properties and entities. Services included tax planning in connection with restructure of ownership of the properties; evaluation of fiduciary duties of developer to investor partners; negotiation of global settlement with bank; tax planning on the forgiveness of part of the debt; refinancing transactions, and negotiation of subordination of bank debt in connection with future development. Business and tax planning in restructure of several syndicated limited partnerships with different sets of investors to accommodate loan restructure and loan cancellation with principal bank lender; negotiate settlement agreement with lender.