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  • “He is great. He is not only bright, but has a good way of getting things done. Any time we have had a transaction and there was a disagreement, he is the best to work through. He has the magic touch, never gets mad, always gets the deal done.”

    -Chambers 2012

  • “Ty is very responsive to our needs and considers all solutions to our problems before rushing into a decision. He looks at all sides of the issue and can explain plainly what we are facing and how to remedy it. One of his greatest qualities is that he doesn’t overpromise on timelines. He has worked on many transactions for me, including a substantial divesture of one of my companies. I am confident in Ty's ability to close transactions, while protecting my interests."

    -Yatin Patel, CEO, Book-A-Deal, Inc.

  • “Dwight has a can do attitude and is outstanding at finding reasoned compromises in difficult negotiations."

    -A Chambers USA client

  • “He knows the law and knows my goals and objectives. He knows my style and is good at navigating between the issues. He balances my expectations and preferences with what is practical. There is nothing he could do better.”

    -Chambers 2012