Our Attorneys


  • “He is great. He is not only bright, but has a good way of getting things done. Any time we have had a transaction and there was a disagreement, he is the best to work through. He has the magic touch, never gets mad, always gets the deal done.”

    -Chambers 2012

  • “I continue to be amazed by his ability to recall a small fact from earlier on and how to apply it to our benefit.”

    -Chambers 2012

  • "Deborah Fisher is a tremendous value to Chief as she always provides legal advice in a prompt response that gives us a peace of mind.  Her legal partnership with Chief has been most beneficial to us in the avoidance of any mistakes we might make.  Her documents are error free." 

    -Lamar Guthrie

  • "Kelli Fleming guides me through complex legal matters related to healthcare with expertise and efficiency. She stays abreast of the constantly evolving laws and statutes ensuring my practice remains compliant in all areas. I particularly appreciate her ability to take complicated legislation and translate it so that I can clearly understand the issues."

    -Caroline A. Reich, M.D., P.C.