Constitutional Law & First Amendment Disputes

Burr & Forman represents businesses and individuals concerning constitutional rights including free speech, due process, and taking claims.

We represent clients in defamation, fair use, and other First Amendment matters as well as in land use, permitting, and zoning issues that may involve the violation of constitutional rights. 


Our Attorneys

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Experience Matters

Brief sentence defining representative matters.

  • Media

    Defense of television station on a claim of defamation and invasion of privacy by a plaintiff who claimed he was unlawfully identified in a news report about a drug arrest while he was still a juvenile. Summary judgment.
  • Media

    Co-counsel in defense of a tabloid publication on claims of defamation by a person identified in the tabloid as linked to a hired murderer.
  • Media

    Defense of major national newspaper on claim of defamation and false-light by a person identified in news story about abuse and over-subscribing of prescription drugs.
  • Media

    Defended local television property of national media company in defamation claim by plaintiff who was identified in an investigative story on serial workers compensation claims. Summary judgment granted.
  • Media

    Defense of television station on a claim of defamation by a self-proclaimed preacher and prophet who was identified in news reports about his arrest for disrupting various events. Summary judgment, affirmed on appeal.