Director & Officer Liability and Executive Compensation

A director or officer of a corporation or other entity has the potential to be faced with all sorts of claims when business does not go as planned.

In the most extreme cases, a director or officer is alleged to have enriched him- or herself at the expense of the corporation, but even claims of incompetence or simple mismanagement have the potential to lead to protracted litigation.  Whether you are an director or officer yourself or believe that the directors or officers of a particular corporation have misbehaved, Burr & Forman attorneys have the experience to evaluate your options and guide you through any litigation.

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Experience Matters

Brief sentence defining representative matters.

  • Securities Litigation

    Represented defendants in a 10b-5 securities class action. Court allowed plaintiff to amend and case was settled on favorable terms.
  • Securities Litigation

    Represented defendant in regard to "scheme liability" claims in a 10b-5 securities class action. Motion to dismiss in client's favor affirmed.
  • Insurance - Coverage and Bad Faith

    Defense of excess D&O insurer in coverage litigation with Directors and Officers of a major national health rehabilitation provider arising from underlying claims by individual and institutional investors alleging corporate and criminal fraud.
  • General Commercial

    Lead counsel for close corporation shareholder against co-owner and president involving claims of breach of fiduciary duty and shareholder oppression. Favorable settlement.
  • Securities Litigation

    Represented client in regard to scienter issues in a 10b-5 securities class action. On interlocutory appeal, the denial of motion to dismiss was affirmed. First Eleventh Circuit case to deal with aggregation issues regarding scienter under the PSLRA.