Environmental, Land Use, Planning & Zoning

The Environmental Practice Group provides environmental advice and services associated with all aspects of business planning, development, and operation.

The group seeks to assure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and thereby avoid enforcement actions and litigation. Our area of services are described below:

Permitting Requirements & Options

Identify requirements and options for permits and authorizations necessary for business operation including air emissions controls, water withdrawals, wastewater discharges, and waste management. Advise clients on all facets related to permits and authorizations.

Stormwater Management

Advise clients on stormwater management requirements, including permits, throughout construction and in their daily operations.

Recycling Requirements

  • Environmental site assessment review

    Ensure compliance with site assessments primarily associated with innocent purchaser protections available under federal Superfund and similar state laws.

  • Brownfield redevelopment and voluntary property remediation

    Secure limitations on liability for prospective purchasers and operators of property.

  • Due diligence investigations of prospective acquisitions

    Provide advice on investigations of environmental aspects of real property and business operations prior to acquisition.

  • Wetlands protection and development

    Identify regulated wetlands and advise on compliance with requirements for development or protection of wetlands.

Regulatory Compliance

Advise clients on air, water, and waste compliance obligations.

  • Planning and Zoning

    Identify and obtain necessary land use approvals and variances under local government zoning codes, regional development impact planning regimes, and state and federal environmental policy regulations.

  • Project management

    Assist with applicable environmental requirements associated with a particular project.

We serve as counsel on various types of projects, including:

  • Wind and solar power
  • Mining and energy development
  • Electric power generation, including peaking power sources
  • Industrial development authorities
  • Iron and steel manufacture
  • Automobile manufacture
  • Local governments, including utilities boards
  • Greenfield development
  • Brownfield development
  • Construction activities

Our Attorneys

Douglas Anderson
Partner ~ Mobile, Alabama|
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(251) 706-2401
D. Christopher Carson
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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John DeBuys, Jr.
Retired Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Ronald Farley
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Deborah Fisher
Retired Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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(205) 244-5635
Jesse Graham
Of Counsel ~ Orlando, Florida|
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Justin Kelly
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Vivien Monaco
Counsel ~ Orlando, Florida|
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Norman Orr
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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William Penny
Partner ~ Nashville, Tennessee|
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James Pratt
Partner ~ Orlando, Florida|
(407) 540-6603 (Eric Golden)
Robert Rosen
Counsel ~ Orlando, Florida|
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John Schifino
Partner ~ Tampa, Florida|
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Scott Steady
Partner ~ Tampa, Florida|
(813) 367-5719
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Chenicqua Williams
Associate ~ Orlando, Florida|
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(407) 641-8669
Gregory Young
Partner ~ Nashville, Tennessee|
(615) 724-3222
(615) 724-3322

Experience Matters

Brief sentence defining representative matters.

  • Hazardous Waste Disposal

    Represented county government in preventing hazardous waste disposal facility from development on wetland property adjacent to area water resource.
  • Sustainable Energy

    Implemented sustainable energy generation program at landfills in major metropolitan area.
  • Remediation Projects

    Counsel in voluntary remediation of drycleaner contamination and tenant dispute.
  • Investor-Owned Utilities

    Advised an investor-owned utility regarding federal air quality control regulations, carbon sequestration project, and “green attributes” of renewable power production.
  • Environmental Related Agreements

    Facilitated methane gas-to-energy transaction between municipal landfill and industrial facility.