Franchise & Sales Representation

Burr & Forman helps businesses develop regional and national franchise opportunities at every level. Our experience includes advising franchisors and franchisees on federal and state disclosure requirements, as well as assisting franchisors in navigating state franchise and business opportunity registration processes. We coordinate and maintain multi-state franchise registrations, renewals and amendments for clients in a variety of industries.

Manufacturers and franchisors, as well as their sales representatives and franchisees, rely on the Burr & Forman team for the preparation, defense, and enforcement of their agreements. Our attorneys assist clients in understanding and enforcing their rights and obligations under state relationship laws affecting dealerships, distributorships, and franchises. The firm also represents several clients on a national basis in franchise, dealership and manufacturer’s representative termination suits.

Our comprehensive experience includes:

  • Drafting and Negotiating Franchise Agreements
  • Federal and State Disclosure Requirements
  • Franchise Acquisitions
  • Franchise Asset Purchases and Sales
  • Intellectual Property and Trademarks
  • Labor and Employment
  • Litigation
  • Real Estate
  • Wrongful Termination of Franchise

Our Attorneys

Edward Brown
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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Edward Christian
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Jennifer Dean
Associate ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Robert Lockwood
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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April Mason
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Experience Matters

Brief sentence defining representative matters.

  • Asset Purchase Agreement

    Served as local counsel for client's acquisition of 11 fast food restaurants.