Life, Health & Disability / ERISA

Several of our attorneys have a keen interest in matters involving life, heath, and disability plans often paid for and administered by employers and their insurers.

This may also include claims involving retirement plans or pensions. These matters often involve complex regulations and usually result in representation through administrative hearings and appeals or even trial.

Our Attorneys

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Experience Matters

Brief sentence defining representative matters.

  • Life, Heath, & Disability

    Defense verdict for disability insurer which denied coverage for an obese person under a group disability policy where the alleged disabilities where shown to be caused by lifestyle factors rather than a sickness.
  • Life, Heath, & Disability

    Defense judgment for health insurer following jury trial and appeal of bad faith claim that it unfairly declined to pre-certify coverage for a daughter’s surgical operation arising from congenital (pre-existing) condition.
  • Life, Heath, & Disability

    Defense of health insurer in bad faith suit by policyholder for denial of a claim for multiple sclerosis, a pre-existing condition not disclosed on application. Summary judgment.
  • Appellate

    Appellee’s counsel on appeal by health insurance claimant whose claim was ordered to arbitration. Affirmed.
  • Life, Heath, & Disability

    Summary judgment for disability insurer which terminated payments to South Carolina attorney on an individual disability claim arising from alleged chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia to which attributed the closure of her law practice.