Life, Health & Disability / ERISA

Several of our attorneys have a keen interest in matters involving life, heath, and disability plans often paid for and administered by employers and their insurers.

This may also include claims involving retirement plans or pensions. These matters often involve complex regulations and usually result in representation through administrative hearings and appeals or even trial.

Our Attorneys

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Experience Matters

Brief sentence defining representative matters.

  • Insurance - Coverage and Bad Faith

    Lead counsel in declaratory action involving managed care organization that bankrupted due to fraud leaving thousands of members without coverage, some with significant medical conditions. Favorable settlement, including an express condition of entry of an Order stating there was no coverage.
  • Life, Heath, & Disability

    Defended insurer in suit alleging fraudulent sale of credit life insurance where the insured claimed the agent misrepresented contract coverage. Duty to read -- summary judgment granted.
  • Life, Heath, & Disability

    Summary judgment for disability insurer which denied coverage for Alabama industrial employee who claimed his termination from employment was due to disabling back injuries, proven to be pretextual.
  • Life, Heath, & Disability

    Summary judgment for health insurer which denied coverage for emergency surgery to relieve ectopic pregnancy, not covered due to subscriber's rejection of maternity coverage.
  • Life, Heath, & Disability

    Defense of insurer which denied a claim for individual disability benefits by Florida real estate lawyer claiming inability to operate a real estate closing business due to chronic blinding headaches following the real estate bust. Favorable settlement.