Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquiring or selling a company (whether private or public) is a delicate and complex process that requires broad-based knowledge and experience, diligence and many skills.

We regularly help individuals and companies large and small acquire or sell businesses in a wide variety of industries. The transactions include sales of assets, sales of stock or other equity positions, mergers, consolidations, and tax-free reorganizations. Due to the strength of our Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy practice, we often handle purchases and sales of assets and businesses in distressed situations, including bankruptcy and receivership proceedings.

Because we are a full-service firm, with accomplished practitioners in so many areas, we are fully capable of understanding and assessing all aspects of a business acquisition or disposition, as well as the underlying business, thereby enabling us to advise our clients how best to structure a transaction, minimize risks, and achieve excellent results. 

Our acquisition work includes planning for taxable and tax-free mergers and acquisitions, conducting due diligence investigations, preparing documentation, negotiating the transaction and documentation, and assessing and allocating risk on all aspects of the transaction, including analysis of patent, trademark, copyright and other intellectual property rights, securities law compliance, environmental concerns, real estate issues, labor and employment matters, litigation, ERISA compliance, and tax issues. Our work for purchasers of businesses often includes representing the client in the debt or equity financing that may be necessary to consummate the acquisition. We meet with our clients to fully understand their needs and customize a team of our attorneys with the applicable specialties so that we can help the client achieve the best possible results.

Our Attorneys

Louis Anders
Retired Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Matthew Barnes
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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C. Reid Barrineau
Associate ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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C. Reid
Howard Bogard
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Edward Brown
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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Edward Christian
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Cell: (205) 902-6874
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Jennifer Dean
Associate ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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David Dowd, III
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Cell: (205) 907-0830
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Sean Dudley
Partner ~ Mobile, Alabama|
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Joshua Ehrenfeld
Partner ~ Nashville, Tennessee|
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Deborah Fisher
Retired Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Lauren Foshee
Associate ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Tully Hazell
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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Erin Hewitt
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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Jefferson Holt
Associate ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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(404) 214-7998
Chester "Chet" Hosch
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
(404) 685-4279
(404) 214-7979
April Mason
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5459
(205) 244-5747
C. Read Morton
Counsel ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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C. Read
Norman Orr
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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(205) 224-9453
Gene Price
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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(205) 244-5698
Anthony Romano
Associate ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Ty Roofner
Partner ~ Orlando, Florida|
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(407) 650-2730
William Schifino, Sr.
Of Counsel ~ Tampa, Florida|
(813) 367-5745
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Anna Scully
Associate ~ Mobile, Alabama|
(251) 345-8205
(251) 344-9696
Jack Stephenson, Jr.
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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(205) 244-5708
Joseph Stewart
Retired Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5241
(205) 244-5710
J. Ellsworth Summers, Jr.
Partner ~ Jacksonville, Florida|
(904) 232-7203
(904) 212-0315
George Taylor, III
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5254
(205) 244-5711
Christopher Thompson
Associate ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5325
(205) 244-5632
India Vincent
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5284
(205) 244-5714
Brian Watson
Partner ~ Orlando, Florida|
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(321) 249-0529
Callie Whatley
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5441
(205) 244-5734

Experience Matters

Brief sentence defining representative matters.

  • Vertical Integration of Seafood Supply Chain--Represented a national seafood distributor in an all-assets purchase of one of its at-the-wharf suppliers. Negotiated, documented and closed the deal.
  • Represented the majority shareholder in connection with the sale of 100% of the stock of Allstate Food Marketing, Inc. and certain affiliated companies to Acosta, Inc. for an aggregate purchase price of approximately $12 million. Allstate acted as a food wholesaler purchasing in bulk from large manufacturers and selling to retailers, schools, prisons, restaurants, etc. The transaction involved very difficult negotiations with the other significant shareholder and included a process through which the company was shopped among several potential purchasers. We also represented the client in negotiation of an employment agreement, stock options and other matters relating to his ongoing employment with the purchaser.
  • Purchase of Distributors - Burr has represented several different clients in connection with the acquisition of the assets of beer distributors, including Anheuser-Busch wholesalers, in various states. We have assisted in the structuring of acquisitions through the purchase of assets, merger of entities, creation of option rights and brand transfers. We have also provided representation in financings for wholesalers, as well as tax services, including the use of like-kind exchanges involving brand sales and purchases.
  • Represented a client in the private equity purchase of a majority interest in a casual dining concept. Representation included all aspects of the acquisition including due diligence, purchase agreement and ownership agreements.
  • Represented a private equity purchaser of a minority interest in a regional, growing fast casual chain. Representation included all aspects of the acquisition including due diligence, purchase agreement and minority protective agreements.


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