Securities Litigation

Burr & Forman attorneys have the experience to assist you in all forms of securities disputes, whether it is a dispute over a departing stock broker's book of business or a shareholder derivative suit brought against a publicly-traded corporation.

Burr & Forman attorneys have represented clients in disputes in state and federal courts, before the SEC and state securities commissions, and in FINRA arbitrations.

Our Attorneys

Bryan Balogh
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Daniel Dietrich
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David Dowd, III
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Gerald Gillespy
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Vincent Graffeo
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Victor Hayslip
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Tully Hazell
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Joseph King
Counsel ~ Tampa, Florida|
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Ellen Mathews
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Kip Nesmith
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Thomas Potter, III
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David Proctor
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William Schifino, Jr.
Partner ~ Tampa, Florida|
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Experience Matters

Brief sentence defining representative matters.

  • Securities Litigation

    Represented defendants in a 10b-5 securities class action. Court allowed plaintiff to amend and case was settled on favorable terms.
  • Securities Litigation

    Represented defendants in 10b-5 securities class action. District Court denied motion to dismiss. Circuit Court granted interlocutory appeal. District Court opinion was vacated and remanded. First Eleventh Circuit case to deal with scienter issues in the PSLRA.
  • Securities Litigation

    Represented client regarding motion to dismiss issues in a 10b-5 securities class action. Motion to dismiss in client's favor affirmed.
  • Securities Litigation

    Represented client in regard to scienter issues in a 10b-5 securities class action. On interlocutory appeal, the denial of motion to dismiss was affirmed. First Eleventh Circuit case to deal with aggregation issues regarding scienter under the PSLRA.
  • Securities Litigation

    Counsel for Respondent in the 2008 United States Supreme Court decision, where the Supreme Court held against private "scheme liability" claims under the federal securities laws. Public commentators call it the most important Supreme Court business decision in a decade.


  • "Burr & Forman handles some of our more complicated litigations and special assets work. They did an excellent. They're people we go to whenever cases are complex. They provide good value for money; there's nothing I would change about them."

    -Chambers 2013