Sports Law

Burr & Forman attorneys represent the interests of professional and amateur sports organizations and related businesses with a full range of legal services designed specifically for the sports industry.

Our attorneys have drafted, reviewed and negotiated various agreements related to this industry, including agreements pertaining to sporting event sponsorships, event hosting, stadium financing and construction, licensing, media rights, television time buy, and venue leases. Our firm has also represented clients in various acquisitions in the sports industry.

Our Attorneys

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Experience Matters

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  • Membership Interest Acquisition

    Represented company in the acquisition of the membership interest of a magazine publisher and outdoor entertainment company from a large national television production company. The acquisition involved preliminary transfers of multiple assets from various parts of the company to the target company and negotiation of a services agreement during a transition period. In connection with the acquisition, a multi-year Time Buy agreement for the broadcaster of certain programming on the production company's networks was negotiated.