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Tax Planning
The tax laws are frequently changing and can present a wide range of complicated legal issues for clients. Tax issues can arise from most all types of business and financial activities and require careful planning in order to effect the most advantageous tax strategies. In today’s environment, consideration of tax issues is an important part of any business or economic plan and can lead to more informed financial decisions and efficient use of resources. Experienced tax representation is critical in order to identify the obstacles and opportunities arising from federal, state, and local tax issues. Burr & Forman is committed to providing top quality service and working with clients to develop innovative and practical solutions to tax issues.

Experience And Expertise
Our multidisciplinary practice team provides experienced tax representation to all types of entities, including corporations, limited liability companies, general and limited partnerships, trusts and estates, and various nonprofit organizations. Our tax attorneys also represent individuals on personal tax matters, such as investments in businesses, employment and benefits issues, wealth management and transfer issues, business succession planning, asset protection issues, and estate and gift planning.

Our attorneys have extensive experience on state and local tax issues, such as tax incentives, negotiations with government entities on matters relating to business and industry expansions and relocations, as well as other state and local concerns. We have members of our tax team who are licensed in Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida.

The experience background of our tax attorneys contribute to their expertise and broad range of capabilities. The firm’s tax group is composed of a number of attorneys with specialized degrees in taxation and former practicing Certified Public Accountants. Our attorneys have frequently taught law school classes on various tax and financial matters, including federal income tax and business planning. Additionally, members of our tax team routinely write and speak on issues related to taxation and economic development.

Our Services

We provide services on a variety of federal, state and local tax issues, including the following matters:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Real estate transactions
  • Corporate, partnership, and limited liability company organization and planning
  • State and local tax planning
  • Securities offerings
  • Liquidations and sales
  • Tax exempt entity organization and planning
  • Employee benefits, retirements plans, and related matters
  • Trusts and estates
  • Tax controversy matters involving federal, state and local taxes
  • Legislation and regulation
  • Tax opinions

Our tax attorneys work to develop and implement substantive and practical tax advice and strategies for our clients in all of the above areas, while at the same time, we assist our clients in evaluating other business and legal issues involved. Utilizing the resources from other practice groups within Burr, such as our Business, Litigation, Financial Services and Real Estate groups, we deliver the seamless legal services needed by our clients.

For more information please contact one of the members of our tax group.

Our Attorneys

Louis Anders
Retired Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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Edward Brown
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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Joshua Ehrenfeld
Counsel ~ Nashville, Tennessee|
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Bryan Glover
Associate ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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James Haithcock, III
Associate ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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C. Logan Hinkle
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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C. Logan
Chester "Chet" Hosch
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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Ingu Hwang
Counsel ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Debra Mackey
Counsel ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Warren Matthews
Partner ~ Montgomery, Alabama|
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James McCarten
Partner ~ Nashville, Tennessee|
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William McKenzie
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
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Norman Orr
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Bruce Rawls
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Allen Sullivan Jr.
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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William Thuston
Managing Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
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Brian Watson
Counsel ~ Orlando, Florida|
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