Keeping our clients on track.

For our Transportation clients, we are their first and strongest line of defense. As we do with all of our clients, we work hard to help them avoid legal conflicts; but when litigation is unavoidable, we put every bit of energy and skill into protecting our clients’ interests.

Our Transportation team represents clients nationwide, including railroads, airlines, trucking companies, and vehicle and component part manufacturers. We represent our clients in wrongful death cases, FELA, crashworthiness, warranty claims and many other matters. We advise shippers and carriers on contract matters and deal with a variety of issues related to cargo and the transportation of goods.

Given the volatile nature of the transportation industry, we are always prepared to move quickly when our clients need us; we respond night or day in the event of an accident, going to the scene to ensure that our client’s interests are well protected. Whatever our clients need of us, whether it’s emergency response or long-range planning to avoid costly litigation, we draw on the diverse resources of our firm to produce results.

Our Attorneys

Jeffrey Beaverstock
Partner ~ Mobile, Alabama|
(251) 345-8258
(251) 344-9696
Edward Bowron
Partner ~ Mobile, Alabama|
(251) 345-8216
(251) 344-9696
John Browning
Partner ~ Mobile, Alabama|
(251) 345-8211
(251) 706-2411
Martin Burke
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5447
(205) 244-5613
D. Christopher Carson
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5372
(205) 244-5617
Marcel Debruge
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5263
(205) 244-5625
Robert Given
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5308
(205) 244-5645
Kasee Heisterhagen
Associate ~ Mobile, Alabama|
(251) 345-8244
(251) 706-2446
John Kavanagh, Jr.
Partner ~ Mobile, Alabama|
(251) 345-8246
(251) 344-9696
Justin Kelly
Associate ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5452
(205) 244-5610
Kermit Kendrick
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5393
(205) 244-5665
J. Matthew Kroplin
Associate ~ Nashville, Tennessee|
(615) 724-3248
(615) 724-3348
Michael Lucas
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5204
(205) 244-5673
John Morrow
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5298
(205) 244-5687
Morey Raiskin
Partner ~ Orlando, Florida|
(407) 540-6675
(407) 540-6601
Michael Ray
Counsel ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5402
(205) 244-5657
Bill Wasden
Partner ~ Mobile, Alabama|
(251) 345-8230
(251) 344-9696
Turner Williams
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5205
(205) 244-5739
Thomas Wood
Partner ~ Mobile, Alabama|
(251) 345-8203
(251) 706-2412

Experience Matters

Brief sentence defining representative matters.

  • Asbestos Litigation

    Retained as railroad's local asbestos counsel to defend inventory of asbestos FELA claims and successfully resolved same.
  • Wrongful Death

    Retained to defend restaurant owner in wrongful death claim brought by family of woman who allegedly lost control of vehicle from grease deposited on roadway by restaurant.
  • Wrongful Death

    Retained to defend farm enterprise in wrongful death claim arising from trucking accident wherein produce crushed and killed worker.
  • Personal Injury

    Retained to defend interstate trucking company regarding injuries to third-party loading onto a trailer when boards on trailer broke causing serious fall to driver.
  • Wrongful Death

    Retained to defend tractor trailer owner in wrongful death case arising out of crushing death of purchaser while loading equipment.