UCC Litigation

Provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code differ substantially from the common law of contracts.

Perhaps most well known are UCC provisions governing the sale of goods and implied warranties, but the UCC also governs many commercial equipment leases and even dictates how financial institutions are to handle commercial paper.  In the sale of goods context, some courts have interpreted UCC provisions as prohibiting forms of price discrimination (such as transfer pricing) generally left unregulated by antitrust laws.  Burr & Forman attorneys can guide you through this process and have litigated numerous types of UCC claims.

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Experience Matters

Brief sentence defining representative matters.

  • Breach of Contract

    Represented an American-based distributor and installer of Italian Cabinetry against its Italian manufacturer and supplier with regard to its claims for breach of contract, breach of warranties, UCC issues, and breach of exclusivity agreement.
  • UCC Article 3 and 4 Cases

    Engaged by large banking and financial services company to represent its interests in litigation over UCC Article 3 and 4 cases. Defense of litigation over claims involving UCC Article 3 and 4.
  • Appellate

    Appellant’s counsel for trailer manufacturer seeking to overturn a jury verdict and judgment claiming breach of warranty on over 300 cargo trailers.