Workouts & Restructurings

Burr & Forman's commitment to the changing needs of lenders and creditors is evidenced by its substantial Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy practice.

Burr has nearly 50 attorneys concentrating in this area of law, making the firm one of the largest bankruptcy practice groups in the Southeast. This allows individual attorneys the ability to focus on narrow specialties. Our team of attorneys are continuously listed as leading practitioners in Bankruptcy/Restructuring by the highly regarded Chambers USA in addition to the firm being ranked in Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

We have extensive experience in handling distressed mergers and acquisitions (M&A), whether in an out-of-court transaction, a state court receivership, section 363 sale under the Bankruptcy Code, under a plan of reorganization, or in a prepackaged or other enforcement transaction. We work with a distressed company’s management and financial advisors to craft the optimal business-focused solution. Increasingly, we also represent manufacturers who are customers of insolvent entities where the manufacturer must immediately have a unique part made by its sole source, the financially distressed supplier, who is expected to deliver the part on a “just in time” basis. 

Members of the Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy team concentrate on the acquisition, disposition, restructuring, and development of troubled properties. We sometimes install receivers to manage those properties. Additionally, we leverage our firm’s strength in banking to provide financial institutions with counsel in connection with debtor in possession (DIP) financings and exit financings related to distressed M&A. And, we develop, negotiate, and execute reorganization strategies for all types of matters found in the asset resolution section of banks.

We often represent stalking horse buyers and other bidders in bankruptcy 363 sales. The purchase and sale of assets and businesses has developed into a significant component of commercial bankruptcy and insolvency practice. Sellers in distress situations many times utilize a bankruptcy court sale as the best way to conduct an orderly sale process and achieve the best value for their creditors and stakeholders. Similarly, the purchasers of distressed assets appreciate the value and protections afforded in a bankruptcy court blessed asset sale.

For more than three decades, our creditors’ rights attorneys have been actively involved in major bankruptcy proceedings in the Southeast and beyond. Our work began with an emphasis on representing major secured lenders in Chapter 11 bankruptcies but our practice has evolved far beyond its initial role to include representation of business debtors as well. Our substantial experience in this area includes representation of clients in the manufacturing, real estate, health care, agriculture, retail, education, and construction industries. On the creditor side we represent secured creditors, such as financial services institutions, asset-based lenders, and local, regional, and national banks, as well as REITs, equipment sellers, and lessors.

We have extensive experience representing official creditors’ committees, bank debt and ad hoc creditor groups, secured lenders, equity holders, derivative and swap counterparties, and other creditors in out-of-court reorganizations, debt restructurings, enforcement processes, liability management strategies, and bankruptcy proceedings.

Our Attorneys

Lindsey Arnold
Counsel ~ Nashville, Tennessee|
(615) 724-3253
(615) 724-3353
Brad Baldwin
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
(404) 685-4332
(404) 214-7930
Bess Creswell
Partner ~ Mobile, Alabama|
(251) 345-8245
Denise Dell-Powell
Partner ~ Orlando, Florida|Jacksonville, Florida|
(407) 540-6607
(407) 264-6466
Andrew Demers
Partner ~ Ft. Lauderdale, Florida|
(954) 414-6227
(954) 337-2742
Erich Durlacher
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
(404) 685-4313
(404) 214-7387
Gary Farris
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
(404) 685-4250
(404) 214-7388
Eric Golden
Partner ~ Orlando, Florida|
(407) 540-6603
(407) 540-6601
Robert Goodrich, Jr.
Partner ~ Nashville, Tennessee|
(615) 724-3212
(615) 724-3290
Kasee Heisterhagen
Associate ~ Mobile, Alabama|
(251) 345-8244
(251) 706-2446
Erin Hewitt
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
(404) 685-4246
(404) 214-7934
David Houston, IV
Partner ~ Nashville, Tennessee|
(615) 724-3215
(615) 724-3315
Mario Iglesias
Partner ~ Ft. Lauderdale, Florida|
(954) 414-6224
(954) 337-2353
Heather Lee
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5170
(205) 244-5669
Robert Matthews
Counsel ~ Mobile, Alabama|
(251) 345-8218
(251) 706-2418
Laura Murphy
Associate ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5306
(205) 714-6886
Samantha Orender
Associate ~ Jacksonville, Florida|
(904) 232-7211
(904) 212-1562
Joel (Jay) Price, Jr.
Partner ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5147
(205) 244-5699
James Roberts
Associate ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5322
(205) 244-5624
Graham Stieglitz
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
(404) 685-4316
(404) 214-7923
Christopher R. Thompson
Associate ~ Orlando, Florida|
(407) 540-6652
(407) 650-2777
Kelly Waits
Associate ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
(404) 685-4306
(404) 214-7381
Erin Ward
Partner ~ Atlanta, Georgia|
(404) 685-4255
(404) 214-7936
Andrea Weed
Counsel ~ Birmingham, Alabama|
(205) 458-5431
(205) 714-6889
Francesco Zincone
Associate ~ Ft. Lauderdale, Florida|
(954) 414-6228
(954) 337-3152


  • “They are outstanding and get high marks for their commercial awareness, staffing, training and pro-activity."

    -Chambers 2012

  • “Definitely have depth and expertise...They have a successful model and one that I’ve tried to imitate."

    -Chambers 2012

  • “They handle a diverse set of issues – well staffed, well prepared and respected…"

    -Chambers 2012

  • “Very good, very well-rounded, and they have a lot of expertise in multiple fields. They do a very good job and are very cost-effective. They have very capable people at multiple levels, so if it’s associate-level work we’re not getting charged for a partner doing it.”

    - Chambers 2014