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Robert V. Williams

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" True in healthcare, even truer in healthcare law!"

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James A. Hoover

"I enjoy thinking outside the box. Due to the complexity of health law issues and the sometime contradictory regulations, providing clients with useful solutions to their issues without simply becoming a “no” man is challenging, but the fun part of being a lawyer."

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Richard J. Brockman

"It is a privilege to be part of a dedicated team working with our clients to develop solutions for the knotty problems created by our evolving health care system."

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Kelli Fleming

"Health care law is always evolving and changing, as the industry grows and new developments emerge. Having the opportunity to assist my clients in navigating these ongoing changes in a manner that not only benefits my clients but also benefits their patients is what makes my job worthwhile."

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Howard Bogard

"It seems like almost every day health care providers face a new challenge. My goal is to help my clients meet those challenges and thrive in a competitive environment."

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Edward H. Brown

"Why did I become a lawyer? Simple. If you like numbers, you become an accountant; if you like words, you become a writer; if you like formulas, you become a doctor. If you like arguing about which is the most important, you become a lawyer "

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