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Burr & Forman has one of the most experienced appellate practices in the southeast region. Our attorneys are skilled in arguing the right issue, in the right way, with a deep knowledge of how appellate courts operate. Our team understands that no appeal is ever routine and there is never a time when results matter more than on final appeal. Whether as an appellant, appellee or friend of the court, a decision on appeal not only settles the case but becomes the law of the land.

Our team handles appeals at all levels of the state and federal system, involving nearly every legal subject as well as challenges to excessive damage awards.

Burr’s appellate capabilities include:

  • Appeals of class action certification rulings and related orders
  • Appellate briefs
  • Appellate mediation
  • Amicus curiae briefs
  • Emergency appeals
  • Evaluations of appeal worthiness
  • Oral argument
  • Petitions for mandamus
  • Petitions for writ of certiorari

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