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12.16.2013   |   Articles / Publications

Drug Quality and Security Act

The Act is an attempt by Congress to bring some compounding pharmacies that use certain bulk products under more federal oversight. Prior to the passage of the Act, jurisdiction over compounding pharmacies, particularly large scale compounders, has long been the subject of the “I got it, you take it” attitude between the federal Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) and the state boards of pharmacy. Generally, the FDA regulates drug manufacturers while the state boards of pharmacy regulate and license compounding pharmacies. The “gray area” typically occurs when a compounding pharmacy compounds medications in such large quantities the FDA has a colorable argument that the compounding pharmacy is acting more like a drug manufacturer than a compounding pharmacy. When this occurs, many times both the board of pharmacy and the FDA will exert oversight of the compounding pharmacy. Unfortunately, there are no bright line tests to determine when a compounding pharmacy is simply compounding or has crossed the threshold and become a drug manufacturer.

Readers can download the article in its entirety here.

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