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09.22.2016   |   Articles / Publications

Appellate Issues: The Riddle of Judicial Review

Birmingham-based Attorney, Travis Ramey, wrote an article for the Appellate Issues, a national ABA publication on appellate practice. The article was titled, “The Riddle of Judicial Review “. Travis article was published in September 2016.

At some point, all (or nearly all) American children take a civics class. Presumably, the goal of requiring students to learn about the structure and function of government is to create an informed electorate. As part of informing the future electorate, civics classes teach students about the three branches of government and their respective spheres of power. The legislative branch makes the law. The executive branch enforces the law. The role of the judicial branch, however, is a little fuzzier. It “applies” the law. It “interprets” the law. It “states what the law is.”

Click to read the full article “The Riddle of Judicial Review.”

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