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05.15.2018   |   Articles / Publications

Health Care: Helpful Hints – May 2018

OIG Issues New Advisory Opinion on May 7, 2018
The Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) approved a proposed arrangement involving medical devices/supplies. OIG Advisory Opinion No. 18-02 concerns an arrangement where a company that manufactures, distributes, and sells medical device and pharmaceutical products provides a limited number of free sample ostomy products to patients and contracts with a third party to conduct follow-up customer satisfaction surveys. The OIG concluded that the Proposed Arrangement presents a low risk of fraud and abuse under the anti-kickback statute, and it would not impose administrative sanctions on Requestor under the anti-kickback statute. The Advisory Opinion is located here.

OIG Finds Cahaba Government Benefits Administrators, LLC Understated Medicare Administrative Contract Allowable Pension Costs
Cahaba Government Benefits Administrators, LLC, did not claim $2.7 million of allowable Medicare pension costs on its incurred cost proposals for calendar years 2008 through 2013. The report brief is located here.

OIG Report Indicates CMS Paid Practitioners for Telehealth Services That Did Not Meet Medicare Requirements
The Office of Audit Service conducted an audit of CMS claims for telehealth services. Its objective was to determine whether the CMS paid practitioners for telehealth services that met Medicare requirements. The Office of Audit Services analyzed 2014 and 2015 (the audit period) telehealth claims and found that more than half of the professional telehealth claims paid by Medicare did not have matching originating-site facility fee claims. It estimates that Medicare could have saved approximately $3.7 million during the audit period if practitioners had provided telehealth services in accordance with Medicare requirements. The report is located here.

Download the full article, “Health Care : Helpful Hints – May 2018” written by Jim Hoover.

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