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07.8.2019   |   Articles / Publications

Society for Human Resource Management: Safeguarding Employees from Workplace Violence

In an article published in Society for Human Resource Management on June 28, Christine Tenley discusses workplace violence and how to protect employees from violent acts at work.

As incidents of workplace violence increase over the years, it is becoming more common for companies to establish a plan to protect against employees.

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) offer resources, such as counselors, to struggling employees in an effort to combat personal issues coming into the workplace, but there has been some reluctance from employees to take advantage of these programs for fear of exposing their personal problems to their colleagues.

“To combat that fear and embarrassment, managers at all levels must promote EAPs and strive to remove any stigma associated with mental health problems,” says Tenley. “Managers also should be aware of any significant changes in employees’ behavior. Do they seem unusually angry and irritable? Have they made threats? Are they suddenly talking about guns and violence?”

In addition to prevention programs being in place to comfort employees, it is also important for an employer to implement these programs to protect themselves from lawsuits, should an incident occur on the company’s property.

For the full article, you may click here.

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