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05.28.2020   |   Articles / Publications

“Prepare for Wide Range of COVID-Related Lawsuits,” SHRM Online

Ronald Flowers discussed the need to prepare for workers’ compensation claims related to COVID-19 in a SHRM Online article published on March 27, 2020 that provided an in-depth look at the swath of litigation issues employers should consider as the pandemic continues its massive effect on the U.S. economy.

Employers should expect a wave of workers’ compensation claims from employees who have contracted COVID-19, claiming that they contracted the virus while at work,” said Flowers. As businesses review the various workers’ compensation laws governing the different states in which they have operations, consider that some states exclude flu-like illnesses from workers’ comp coverage. In these states, however, employees might bring negligence claims, or their families may allege wrongful death since workers’ compensation laws’ exclusive remedy provisions wouldn’t apply.

Readers may access the full article here.

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