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02.2.2017   |   Blog Articles, International Business, President Trump

Travel Ban Update – FALSE Rumors Regarding Additional Countries!

If you have heard rumors that additional countries will be added to the Executive Order banning entry and suspending visa processing for seven countries, DON’T BELIEVE THEM. A story is circulating that the travel ban has been extended to include Egypt, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Colombia, Venezuela, Southern Philippines, Trans-Sahara (Mali), and The Sulu / Sulawsesi Seas Littoral. This is not true. The rumor began based on analysis that the Executive Order could be extended to cover countries that the State Department has designated as possible safe havens for terrorist activity. While a State Department report does exist that names these countries as safe havens, the Executive Order has not been extended, nor are there new Executive Orders in effect naming these countries as subject to the travel ban.

Stay tuned!

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