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COVID-19 Collections Impact Bulletin
03.24.2020 | Rachel B. Cash Eli J. Hare Denzel E. Okinedo

The CARES Act and Its Impact on Consumer Loans
03.31.2020 | Kristen Watson Matt Mitchell

Non-Federal Student Loans and the Coronavirus Pandemic
04.02.2020 | Miya Moore Mark Tyson

Massachusetts and Illinois Issue New Statewide COVID-19 Collections Guidance
04.2.2020 | Rachel B. Cash Eli J. Hare Denzel E. Okinedo

Florida Governor Orders 45-Day Suspension of Foreclosure and Eviction Statutes
04.3.2020 | Reid S. Manley Gennifer L. Bridges

CFPB Releases COVID-19 Credit Reporting Guidance
04.3.2020 | Rachel R. Friedman Katherine West

COVID-19 Collections Restriction Efforts: Ohio, Maryland, and Massachusetts
04.8.2020 | Rachel Cash Eli Hare Denzel Okinedo

CFPB Announces Flexibility Regarding Credit Reporting Obligations During COVID-19 Pandemic
04.9.2020 | by: Miya A. Moore Mark H. Tyson

Financial Regulators Update Previous Statement on Loan Modifications and Reporting Pursuant to CARES Act
04.10.2020 | Rachel R. Friedman Katherine West

CFPB Receives Pushback from 23 Attorneys General on Credit Reporting Requirements
04.15.2020 | Kristen Peters Watson

Financial Services Committee Proposes Additional Relief Relating To Coronavirus Pandemic
04.16.2020 | Miya A. Moore Mark H. Tyson

State Attorneys General, Lawmakers and Banking Groups Urge Congress to Exempt Stimulus Checks from Garnishments
04.17.2020 | Rachel R. Friedman Katherine West

Regulators Outline Exceptions for Evaluations and Appraisals During COVID-19
04.23.2020 | Mark H. Tyson Miya A. Moore

District Court Finds No Private Right of Action under CARES Act
04.30.2020 | Mark H. Tyson Miya A. Moore

CFPB Allows Waiting Periods under TILA and RESPA to be Modified or Waived Due to COVID-19
05.4.2020 | Reid S. Manley Gennifer L. Bridges

Mississippi Supreme Court Denies COVID-19 Relief Reasoning Lack of Constitutional Authority
05.7.2020 | Mark H. Tyson Miya A. Moore

District of Massachusetts Enjoins Massachusetts’ Attorney General from Prohibiting Collection Calls
05.8.2020 | Gennifer L. Bridges Kristen Peters Watson Denzel E. Okinedo

Michigan Court Grants Injunctive Relief Against SBA Regarding Ineligibility Criteria for Loans to Small Businesses
05.21.2020 | Mark H. Tyson Miya A. Moore

Bankruptcy Court Declares Prohibition Against Debtors in Bankruptcy from Participating in Paycheck Protection Program Unenforceable
06.25.2020 | Mark H. Tyson Miya A. Moore

COVID-19 Collections Impact Bulletin: State Responses (December 2020 Update)
12.4.2020 | Kristen Watson Denzel Okinedo Ryli Leader