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Employer Preparation for Coronavirus (COVID-19)
03.5.2020 | Amy Jordan Wilkes Caroline H. Page Caroline Q. Weber

Coronavirus Pandemic – Now What? Can Employees Work From Home?
03.11.2020 | Caroline H. Page

Families First Coronavirus Response Act – What Employers Need to Know and How to Prepare
03.18.2020 | Christine Tenley Matt Scully Caroline H. Page

USCIS Suspends Premium Processing, Relaxes Signature Requirements Due to Pandemic
3.24.2020 | Melissa Azallion Jon Eggert

Overview of the Department of Labor’s Guidance Explaining Emergency FMLA and Paid Sick Leave in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
03.25.2020 | Caroline H. Page

DHS Relaxes Form I-9 Requirements in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic
03.25.2020 | Nina Maja Bergmar

2 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Bill Passes-What Businesses Need to Know Now
03.27.2020 | Christine S. Tenley Nina Maja Bergmar

DOL Issues Third Round of Questions and Answers on Families First Coronavirus Response
03.31.2020 | Ronald W. Flowers Matthew T. Scully

“Not April Fools: New Paid Sick and Family Leave Requirements,” Industry Today
04.7.2020 | Amy Jordan Wilkes

DOL Regulations on Requirements for Childcare Leave May Be a Trap for the Unwary
04.8.2020 | Dent M. Morton Emily C. Killion

Good News for Unemployed Alabamians during the Coronavirus Pandemic
04.9.2020 | Nina Maja Bergmar Meryl Cowan

Changes to Georgia Unemployment Benefits: Eligibility, Total Benefits and Employer Obligations
04.10.2020 | Jon Gumbel Ingu Hwang Christine Tenley Nina Maja Bergmar

A Focus on Good Faith: OSHA’s Latest Guidance for Employers During COVID-19
04.20.2020 | Emily C. Killion Kathryn M. Willis

H-1B Employees Working Remotely
04.22.2020 | by: Melissa L. Azallion Anna L. Scully Jonathan C. Eggert

April 30, 2020, State-by-State Face Mask Requirements
05.1.2020 | Seokwon Lee

May 5, 2020, State-by-State Face Mask Requirements
05.5.2020 | Seokwon Lee

EEOC Issues Updates Return to Work Guidance
05.8.2020 | Amy Jordan Wilkes Caroline H. Page

“Prepare for Wide Range of COVID-Related Lawsuits,” SHRM Online
05.28.2020 | Ronald W. Flowers

Week in Review – What You Need to Know
5.29.2020 | Christine Tenley

“Employers Must Investigate Whether Coronavirus Infections are Work-Related,” SHRM Online
06.2.2020 | Kathryn M. Willis

Burr’s George Taylor and Matt Scully Discuss Strategies and Give Insight Amongst Uncertainty during The Rawls Group Path Forward Webinar
06.3.2020 | George M. Taylor III Matthew T. Scully

State-by-State Face Mask Requirements
07.13.2020 | Seokwon Lee

Was the Health Care Provider Exception in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act Just Struck Down?
08.10.2020 | Matthew T. Scully Caroline H. Page


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