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Releasing the Pressure Valve for Single Employer Pension Plans under American Rescue Plan Act
03.23.2021 | C. Logan Hinkle Christian W. Borek

American Rescue Plan Extends Employee Retention Credit
03.15.2021 | Jeffrey T. Allen

Retroactive 2020 Employee Retention Credit Changes and 2021 Enhancements
03.2.2021 | Jeffrey T. Allen

PPP Borrower Pays Damages and Penalties to Government in First False Claims Act Settlement
02.15.2021 | Erik P. Doerring

New PPP Loans Under Economic Aid Act
01.11.2021 | Erik P. Doerring

Key Tax Provisions of COVID Relief Bill
12.23.2020 | Jeffrey T. Allen

SBA Releases Broader Information on PPP Borrowers
12.7.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

Additional Resources

IRS Extends 2019 Income Tax Payment Deadline – States Soon to Follow
03.18.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

IRS Announces Office Closures
03.20.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

Treasury Secretary Announces “Tax Day” To Now Be Extended to July 15th
03.20.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

IRS Extends 2019 Income Tax Payment Deadline – But Not Date for Filing 2019 Federal Income Tax Returns
03.20.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

Internal Revenue Service Provides Additional Guidance on Tax Credits for Emergency Leave
03.23.2020 | Jeffrey T. Allen

South Carolina Further Extends 2019 Income Tax Filing and Payment Due Dates
03.24.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

IRS Announces New “People First Initiative” Suspending Many Important Federal Tax Compliance Dates and Certain Tax Collection Measures
03.26.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

Key Tax Provisions of the CARES Act
03.30.2020 | Jeffrey T. Allen

CARES Act Retroactively Corrects Depreciation Rules Expands Bonus Depreciation to Building Improvements
03.30.2020 | J. Allen Sullivan Jr. Christian W. Borek

CARES Act Massively Expands NOL Availability, Removes TCJA Limits, and Brings Back and Even Extends Carrybacks
03.30.2020 | J. Allen Sullivan Jr. Christian W. Borek

Employee Benefits in the CARES Act
03.30.2020 |C. Logan Hinkle Debra Lee Mackey

CARES Act Employee Retention Tax Credit
03.31.2020 | Jeffrey T. Allen

CARES Act Massively Expands NOL Availability, Removes TCJA Limits, and Brings Back and Even Extends Carrybacks
04.1.2020 | J. Allen Sullivan Jr. Christian W. Borek

Congress Retroactively Removes Limits on Excess Business Losses in CARES Act
Affected Taxpayers Should Apply for 2018 and 2019 Refunds

04.2.2020 | Christian W. Borek J. Allen Sullivan Jr.

IRS Extends Payment Date For Second Quarter Estimated Taxes
04.10.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

South Carolina Department of Revenue Issues Updated Guidance on COVID-19 Related Extensions
04.14.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

CARES Act Provides No Cost Loan by Allowing Employers to Defer Employment Tax Deposits
04.15.2020 | Jeffrey T. Allen

Furloughed Employees, Unemployment Benefits, And SCDEW Recoupment Of South Carolina Unemployment Benefit Costs From Employers
04.17.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

SBA Issues New PPP Loan Guidance For Self-Employed Individuals and Others
04.20.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

Planning for Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness
04.22.2020 | Jeffrey T. Allen

Retirement Plan Deadlines Extended Due to COVID-19
04.23.2020 | Debra Lee Mackey

Some Random Employee Benefit Considerations for HR Departments Dealing with COVID-19 – Part I
05.1.2020 | Jonathan H. Nason

S Corporation Owners Get Less Than Partnership Owners and Self-Employed Individuals Under Payroll Protection Program
05.7.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

SBA Forgiveness Application Provides Some Clarity on PPP Loan Forgiveness
05.19.2020 | Jeffrey T. Allen

South Carolina Confirms CARES Act Stimulus Payments Are Not Taxable
06.12.2020 | Jeffrey T. Allen

Remember that You Must Pay South Carolina (and Federal) Income Taxes on Unemployment Benefits Received by the State
06.15.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

Five Common Questions for Qualified Plans and IRAs under CARES Act
06.15.2020 | Jennie S. Cerrati

ACLU and Others File Lawsuit Against SBA Challenging SBA Guidance That Businesses and Individuals Are Not Eligible For a PPP Loan if They Have Criminal History
06.22.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

Paycheck Protection Programs Ends – What Next?
07.2.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

Don’t Forget Hardship Distribution Amendments
07.8.2020 | Debra Mackey

SBA Releases List of PPP Borrowers – Which Businesses Are Now Audit Targets?
07.9.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

Employee Payroll Tax Deferral—What Could Go Wrong?
08.17.2020 | J. Allen Sullivan Jr. Christian W. Borek

COBRA Litigation – 2020’s Latest Gift
09.4.2020 | C. Logan Hinkle

SBA Issues New Rules For Appeals of Disputed PPP Audits
09.8.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

The Countdown Begins for Lifetime Income Disclosures
09.22.2020 | Debra Lee Mackey

If Your Retirement Plan Holds Employer Securities: Keep an Eye on the Jander Case, Part II
09.28.2020 | Jonathan H. Nason

South Carolina Business License Tax Standardization Act Will Simplify Compliance
10.6.2020 | Jeffrey T. Allen

COVID-19 Relief Complicates Cobra Administration
11.4.2020 | Debra Lee Mackey

SBA Gets More Time to Release PPP Borrower Information
11.16.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

DOL Updates Factors For Selecting Plan Investments
11.11.2020 | Jonathan H. Nason

SBA Ordered to Release Information on All PPP Borrowers
11.9.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

SBA Requires Borrowers Who Received PPP Loans of $2 Million or More to Submit “Pre-Audit Review” Information
11.9.2020 | Erik P. Doerring