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Employer Preparation for Coronavirus (COVID-19)
03.5.2020 | Amy Jordan Wilkes Caroline H. Page Caroline Q. Weber

Coronavirus Pandemic – Now What? Can Employees Work From Home?
03.11.2020 | Caroline H. Page

Families First Coronavirus Response Act – What Employers Need to Know and How to Prepare
03.18.2020 | Christine Tenley Matt Scully Caroline H. Page

USCIS Suspends Premium Processing, Relaxes Signature Requirements Due to Pandemic
3.24.2020 | Melissa Azallion Jon Eggert

Overview of the Department of Labor’s Guidance Explaining Emergency FMLA and Paid Sick Leave in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
03.25.2020 | Caroline H. Page


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Care Helpful Hints
03.12.2020| Jerry W. Taylor

New Telehealth Rules to Address COVID-19
03.20.2020 | James A. Hoover J. Matthew Kroplin

OCR HIPAA Guidance in Light of COVID-19
03.23.2020 | Kelli Carpenter Fleming


IRS Extends 2019 Income Tax Payment Deadline – States Soon to Follow
03.18.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

IRS Announces Office Closures
03.20.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

Treasury Secretary Announces “Tax Day” To Now Be Extended to July 15th
03.20.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

IRS Extends 2019 Income Tax Payment Deadline – But Not Date for Filing 2019 Federal Income Tax Returns
03.20.2020 | Erik P. Doerring

Internal Revenue Service Provides Additional Guidance on Tax Credits for Emergency Leave
03.23.2020 | Jeffrey T. Allen

South Carolina Further Extends 2019 Income Tax Filing and Payment Due Dates
03.24.2020 | Erik P. Doerring


FINRA & COVID-19: Review Your BCP; OK’s Remote Work
03.12.2020 | Thomas K. Potter III

Contracts & Coronavirus: The Impact on Your Business and Potential Force Majeure Issues
03.16.2020 | Callie Sullins Whatley

FINRA-DR Continues In-Person Hearings
03.17.2020 | Thomas K. Potter III

Financial Regulators Post COVID Guidance
03.18.2020 | Thomas K. Potter III

U.S. Small Business Administration to Offer Coronavirus Disaster Relief Assistance Loans
03.21.2020 | Callie Sullins Whatley

COVID-19 and Its Impact on Business
3.20.2020 | Callie Sullins Whatley

SEC Warns COVID-19 Increases Insider Trading Risks
3.25.2020 | Thomas K. Potter III

Electronic Signatures

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Using Electronic Signatures
3.24.2020 | Ed Snow India Vincent Beth Shirley Jonathan Sykes


U.S. EPA Releases COVID-19 Enforcement Guidance
03.26.2020 | Schuyler K. Espy


The Coronavirus Effect on Construction Projects
03.13.2020 | C. William Daniels Jr. Matthew R. Griffith L. Robert Shreve

Complimentary E-Book: Best Practices for Contractors to Address COVID-19
03.20.2020 | Matthew J. DeVries


Coronavirus (COVID-19) & The Coming Insurance Claims
03.18.2020 | Walker M. Beauchamp Emily C. Burke

If there Is Coverage: Other Business Interruption Considerations and Issues from the Coronavirus Pandemic
03.26.2020 | Mike Strasavich


The Facts on the COVID-19 European Travel Ban
03.12.2020 | Melissa L. Azallion Anna L. Scully Jonathan C. Eggert

International Travel Update
03.16.2020 | Melissa L. Azallion Anna L. Scully Jonathan C. Eggert


USCIS Suspends Premium Processing, Relaxes Signature Requirements Due to Pandemic
03.24.2020 | Melissa L. Azallion Jonathan C. Eggert


Remote Electronic Commercial Loan Closings and Workouts: A Summary Guide During COVID-19 Interruptions
03.18.2020 | Ed Snow


What South Carolina Vacation Rental Companies Need to Know About COVID-19
03.16.2020 | John P. Carroll


COVID-19 Foreclosure Bulletin
03.20.2020 | Jacqueline Simms-Petredis Adam J. Knight


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) // Emergency Declaration Allowing Regulatory Reprieve for Carriers and Drivers Providing “Direct Assistance” to COVID-19 Relief
03.20.2020 | Kenneth M. Bryant John P. Kavanagh Jr. Turner B. Williams


COVID-19 Collections Impact Bulletin
03.24.2020 | Rachel B. Cash Eli J. Hare Denzel E. Okinedo