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06.09.2011   |   Birmingham

Will Hereford Presented at the Lorman Education Series


Burr & Forman Birmingham-based partner, Will S. Hereford, presented at the Lorman Education Series in June 2011. Hereford presented on the topic of “Current Issues in Ad Valorem Tax Liens.”

Over the last 20 years or so, a large investment industry centered around ad valorem tax sales has developed in the United States. For local government entities, tax sales provide a way to replace what otherwise would be lost or deferred revenue. For investors, purchasing at tax sales provides a relatively safe form of investing with attractive returns. This combination of the need for tax revenue and an attractive investment opportunity for private investors has resulted in thousands more properties being sold for taxes each year. Tax sales create complex issues for owners and others, such as mortgagees, having an interest in the properties sold. This live audio conference is directed toward professionals who represent parties having an interest in real properties sold for taxes. In this program you will learn what tax sales are, what rights are lost and gained at tax sales, the priority of tax liens, the nature of redemption rights, and strategies for parties having an interest in real property sold for taxes.

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