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30 Apr 2020

Episode 4: E-Signatures: Remote Online Notarization

Burr’s podcast episode discusses E-Signatures and remote online notarization. This podcast will help answer questions businesses may have about E-Notarization and remote online notarization and the differences between the two. It will also discuss how rules for remote and E-notarization vary by state, and the issues that can arise in during the process. Co-hosting this episode are Birmingham partners Beth Shirley and Jay Price.

29 Apr 2020

Episode 3: E-Signatures: Admittance of Electronic Contracts Into Evidence: Part 2

In this episode, we continue our discussion on E-Signatures and their admittance into evidence in a court proceeding and the authentication process.

29 Apr 2020
20 Apr 2020

Episode 1: Intro to E-Signatures: Use for Remote Business

Burr’s inaugural podcast episode discusses e-signatures and how the COVID-19 outbreak presents not just major concerns for personal and public health, but also for enterprise continuity when companies must conduct business remotely.