Burr & Forman

Arbitration & Mediation

At Burr & Forman, the experience of our attorneys as arbitrators and mediators is a valuable resource in representing clients in the alternative dispute process and can save clients significant time and money.

Our attorneys are certified arbitrators who serve on the United States District Court Mediation Panel, as well as mediators for the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”), the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”), and the International Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to formal proceedings, we have also conducted mediations at every stage of litigation – before, during and after trial, and on appeal. Disputes in which we pursue ADR involve professional malpractice, personal injury, commercial claims, construction disputes and securities claims, among many other controversies.

A potential question at the outset of any commercial dispute is whether your business would be better off litigating publicly in front of a judge/jury in court or in front of an arbitration panel selected by the parties. Both public litigation in courts and private arbitrations can have their advantages and disadvantages, and many commercial contracts specify upfront the method for resolving disputes. In such cases, our attorneys are prepared to assist clients in what is best for their business, whether it’s getting a court to compel arbitration, or resisting arbitration if the suit is better for a court proceeding.

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