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Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Electronic Transactions

Burr & Forman’s Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Electronic Transactions Group represents financial institutions, manufacturers, healthcare companies and other middle market clients in business formation, governance, transactions, disputes and litigation arising from emerging and evolving digital technologies in commerce that will benefit (or disrupt) their enterprises, such as blockchain, digital currencies and tokens, and electronic signatures and transactions.

Understanding and using these emerging technologies is a competitive imperative that requires expert business consultants and established service providers; the accompanying risks and emerging regulatory landscape require experienced legal counsel as well. The lawyers in Burr & Forman’s Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Electronic Transactions Group combine years of experience in key industries that will be impacted by these technologies with informed and forward-looking (yet practical) thought-leadership in the legal environment that surrounds these industries and technologies.

Our lawyers resist the hype surrounding the latest virtual currencies and instead focus on the bigger picture: the commercial repurposing of public and private blockchain technologies toward transactions and other uses that allow companies to continue to conduct old-fashioned business in new, innovative and disruptive ways. Whether companies should conduct business via digital means with electronic signatures and contracts, or whether they should consider implementing a blockchain application, or whether they should issue cryptocurrency tokens to raise capital or purchase cryptocurrency tokens as an investment, are all complicated legal and business questions, and our attorneys stand ready to guide our clients along solution-oriented paths toward results that matter for them and their stakeholders.

In May 2018, Burr & Forman LLP launched its Blockchain & E-Transactions Law blog. The firm’s newest blog provides case updates, analysis, practical guidance and other news relevant to the emerging and complicated landscape of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and electronic transactions. The Blockchain and E-Transactions Law blog is available on the firm’s website at www.burr.com/blogs/blockchain-law.


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