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Bridging the Gap Between Businesses and Governments

Federal, state and local governments spend billions of dollars each year on goods and services for their citizens. Government purchasing activity has a deep impact on the local economy and presents significant business opportunities for vendors. Contracting with these entities, however, presents a unique set of regulatory challenges. In addition to the regulations enforced on the federal level, state and local governments often carry unique solicitation and contracting provisions and practices that require careful scrutiny. Burr & Forman attorneys strive to provide organized legal solutions at every stage of the procurement process.

Our team assists in identifying and responding to solicitations, as well as negotiating and obtaining contracts with state and local governments, minimizing risk and resolving disputes that arise in the performance of such contracts. In addition, we can provide counsel on the utilization of existing federal contract vehicles to develop or expand business opportunities with targeted state agencies and local governments. Our procurement team offers a complete and effective package of services to any company or organization seeking help to establish or expand business with government agencies, respond to government solicitations, handle bid protests and resolve or defend contract disputes.

Our attorneys have hands-on experience in drafting procurement ordinances for counties, cities, school districts and other political subdivisions and regularly advise them on various procurement matters. We have represented clients, both public and private, in an array of regulatory and litigation matters and have served a variety of industries, including information technology, construction, transportation, medical and professional services. While our services are diverse, we never lose sight of the clients’ objectives. For private sector clients, we aim to secure government business, whether it be through a successful current endeavor or by establishing the foundation for favorable future consideration by the procuring entity. In the case of government clients, it is our mission to assure that the procurement process is one of integrity that best meets governmental needs and maximizes the purchasing power of public funds.

Doing business successfully in the vibrant but challenging government sector requires a thorough knowledge of the applicable statutes, ordinances and regulations, as well as an appreciation of the political and business needs of each party involved. Burr is committed to providing a seamless, integrated approach to helping you navigate the ever-changing procurement and related political landscapes in the state and local jurisdictions where you do business or want to do business.

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