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Tax Sales

Tax Sales – Purchasing and Tax Lien Enforcement

Burr & Forman has a broad and deep level of experience with ad valorem tax sale issues, redemptions, and tax lien and tax deed enforcement. We have been advising clients with these issues for over 17 years, consistently helping them maximize their outcomes and avoid unwanted defensive litigation.

Our experience and services in this area of law include:

Redemptions, Tax Sale Challenges, Possession, Ejectment, Quiet Title, Excess Funds

  • Representing tax lien investors with respect to purchases, redemptions, challenges to tax sales, possession, title clearing, ejectment and quiet title actions, and sales of acquired properties.
  • Representing owners and lenders with redemptions, challenges to tax sales, excess fund recovery, and negotiations with tax lien purchasers to re-establish rights in the property sold for taxes.
  • Pursuing and completing title clearing steps on real properties (500+) and mineral rights, primarily through quiet title (both in person and in rem) and ejectment lawsuits, with some properties involving tax sales occurring more than 80 years ago.
  • Resolving issues relating to deceased owners, abandoned property, IRS liens, judgment liens, homeowner and condo association dues, municipal liens, challenges to tax sales, claims to excess funds and disputed redemption rights.
  • Litigating tax sale issues in state courts (circuit and probate) and federal courts (district and bankruptcy).

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