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09.4.2019   |   Articles / Publications

Franchise Times: Slew of New Labor Laws Vex Employers, From E-Cigs To …Jail!

In an article published in Franchise Times on August 20, Amy Jordan Wilkes provides insight on new state and local employment laws coming into effect across the country.

Recently, many new labor regulations have been implemented at the state and local levels. For example, implanting microchips in employees was banned this year in Arkansas, Nevada and Montana.

Jordan Wilkes highlights two specific issues on the hot list for states and cities: paid leave and sexual harassment. Only eight states have paid leave on the books, with Oregon, Maine and Nevada implementing legislation this year. “It’s a recognition of how far behind the United States is to other developed countries as far as these policies,” she states.

For companies, she recommends constant monitoring of policies and procedure, emphasizing “I think we’re all guilty of falling into a rut and doing something once and thinking it’s fine, but you constantly have to review.”

Read the full article here.

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