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10.15.2021   |   Articles / Publications

Melissa Azallion Kenny discusses termination in LocalBiz Article “You’re Fired”

Burr & Forman Partner, Melissa Azallion Kenny, lends her years of experience as an immigration, labor and employment lawyer in a LOCALBiz article, “You’re Fired: Letting someone go, legally.”

Excerpt from the article:

“One of the most important things in termination consideration is documentation,” says Azallion Kenny. “What documentation does the employer have to support the termination; should the employee challenge the termination?”

She advises to lean on any prior disciplinary warnings or performance evaluations for reasons to fire someone and to consult your company’s handbook for any relevant policies that relate to reasons for termination.

“If you had a specific termination policy that addressed, for example, somebody who consistently failed to call in and show up for work over a repeated period of time, that would be helpful to point out in support of the termination.”

She also says employers need to reflect on how past situations were handled to ensure company practices are consistent and treat everyone fairly in the disciplinary process.

Read the full article here for policies and practices surrounding letting employees go legally.

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