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Administrative & Regulatory

Whether your organization’s business activity is highly regulated (such as the specialized administrative requirements that health care providers, electric utilities and telecom companies must meet), or you simply need help securing a permit or presenting your story in an administrative forum, the team at Burr & Forman uses their understanding of administrative policy and procedures on your behalf.

Our team members have been senior administrators in state licensing, treasury and other regulatory agencies, as well as state legislators and counsel to legislative committees. Our team also has experience at the federal government level and in local government to be effective advocates on your behalf in any administrative and regulatory concerns.

Our firm has created relationships with state government that allows us to reach business solutions for our clients, either through convincing arguments that change administrative policy or effective advocacy that wins their position. We work well with the members, staff and legal counsel of state agencies with authority in concerns as diverse as human resource management, procurement, public finance and health care. We also work effectively with and before state Administrative Law Courts and other administrative agencies in appeals of administrative rulings by regulatory agencies.

Regulated Utilities

We help clients in key regulated utility industries – electric power, telecommunications, water management, transportation – work with state regulators to operate efficiently and effectively in today’s complex mix of market economics and public policy. Our team is well versed in helping utilities in traditional regulatory concerns such as ratemaking proceedings, facility siting and administrative litigation. More importantly, if you are a regulated utility company and want to undertake a competitive venture that will require the approval of regulatory authorities, Burr’s knowledge and experience can be valuable for project completion.

Administrative Proceedings

Burr & Forman attorneys are experienced in many types of administrative proceedings, whether before state securities commissions or before insurance regulators. In addition, our team at Burr is experienced in obtaining judicial review of administrative decisions. Our team understands it’s what happens before a dispute makes it into court that is important.


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